I know right…

and you thought we were finally on track to staying relevant. Nope… sorry. You think blogging is this easy, quick, cool thing you can do while you, I don’t know…. do laundry or color your hair. And it is. For most people. I swear every day, I glance at the WordPress bookmark in our Ashley faves drop down and then look away quickly in shame. As if it just gave me a dirty look. “You haven’t even opened my page in three weeks, Anne Marie”. I know, I am sorry blog. I am just so wrapped up in myself.

Anyway, enough explaining – or not explaining. It’s been a busy three months. So I will just give you the good parts!

Homecoming was awesome – more of the same flashbacks, but this time in the rejects tailgating parking lot, since we waited so long to get out there on Saturday. Great game viewed from the lawn and a good time with the friends.

Halloween was more of the usual – Chris, Me, take-out chinese and a bowl FILLED with candy. Every year the crowd of kids gets larger and larger in our neighborhood. Did you know that chocolate Gold Coins are the most coveted candy on Halloween? I know, neither did we. We just happened to have some from chris’ work and it was like every kid that came up was like “NO WAY!! You have Gold Coins?!” (i’ll take a handful of thirty – thank you.) Later a friend told me that there were some gold coins being sold in the US that had been poisoned. Awesome. Trick or Treat!

Thanksgiving was a blast again this year. Although sadly missing a few family members with then bulging tummies, Sean, Mimi, the kids, my parents and us had a great time at our house again! We broke out the puzzle for the first time in a long time – Sean, my mom and Chris had it finished by the last night they were there. Saw Bolt with the kids… in 3D. Again, awesome. Black Friday shopping – not as bad as I envisioned. Great time with Mimi and I actually think this was the earliest I had my shopping done since – ever. Can’t wait until next year when we will have a new little one running around.

Which brings me to the last, and perhaps the best highlight. I am now the proud aunt of SIX, count them, SIX children. Trish and Lauriann both blessed us with two adorable babies within a week of each other! Quinn McEatchern Hoff was born December 3rd at 9:36PM (Lauriann’s Bday, I might add). I was there… I saw the whole thing. And despite my visible green pallor, it really was the most amazing thing I have ever witnessed. Thanks to my sister for letting me be a part of it. Reagan Lee Jones was born December 8th at 5:10PM. Destined for a dramatic existence, she chose to come out the theatrical way…. “Scalpel. Tell me when she’s under.” That’s right. C-section. Ouch. Baby and Mommy are doing wonderfully though and I can’t wait to see the little ball of flesh in person very soon! Both babies managed to look just like their older siblings and just as cute. I will be loving them to pieces.

Now it’s just waiting till Christmas. Sure to be filled with friends and family and fun. Just the way it should be. OH and presents… lots of presents.
Love to all!!




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3 responses to “I know right…

  1. Lauriann

    haha! Nice recap of life since August! Can’t wait to see your post in March!! Thanks for posting our pics, too. We can’t wait to see you in person…love.

  2. Pauline

    Congratulations Cotter Family!! Your family is growing and growing by the minute….AMs, when is it your turn? 😉

  3. Erica Hall

    yay! don’t you love having all those nieces and nephews around?? i know you and chris are the fav aunt and uncle!

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