Vegas Baby, Vegas.

Again, I wait entirely too long to update the blog, but hey – I have a life…. one that deserves documenting here 😉

March came in like a lion and out like a lamb… busy busy with work and traveling for both Chris and I. The kids hockey team he coaches enjoyed two or three tournaments that were thoroughly enjoyable for Chris to be a part of. He loves coaching those kids and I absolutely love to watch him love it 🙂

April has been even more busy. I was able to visit my sister, Lauriann and her two adorable girls at home at mom and dad’s. She was in from Arizona and I enjoyed every second I got to spend with them. While I was there, I also got to spend some time with Lyric and Quinn, Trish’s babies – who are so precious!! I am so lucky to be an aunt to the cutest children on the planet!

Easter was spent with family and Chris and I began counting down the days until our Anniversary, AND our trip to Las Vegas! Chris’ favorite place on earth is Vegas, and I must say I am pretty fond of it myself.

After a very stressful week at work, we landed on Sunday night and enjoyed taking in everything we had missed in the year since we had been there. The lights, the sounds, the smells (smoke and all). We stayed at the Luxor, which was new for us. A novelty hotel indeed, cool to experience, but only once. Onto the next best thing next time we go.

Three amazing men bought Chris and I dinner at our favorite italian restaurant off the strip – Battista’s Hole in the Wall. We chatted with them at various times throughout dinner and as they were leaving – they said “Happy Anniversary, your dinner is on us and dessert is on the way.” I practically started crying at the realization that there are still amazingly nice people in the world and I am determined to pay it forward.

That was our first night there. And it only got better. Between running my luck on the craps tables, Phantom of the Opera, couples’ massages, Cirque De Soleil “O”, stone crab and wandering until our hearts were content, Chris and I had the most wonderful, refreshing anniversary trip ever. I am so thankful I have him to spend it with and that we enjoy each others company that much!

It’s back to reality this week, but we still have so much to look forward to. Mother’s Day will be celebrated this weekend, a wedding in two weeks, memorial day, my birthday, traveling more and on and on….

Here are some pictures from the past couple months, vegas and all. Thanks for checking it all out!


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  1. Amber

    Y’all look fabulous, Anne Marie. Perfect couple. Love that you are so happy!!!

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