The Family That Sings “Let There Be Peace On Earth” Together…..

stays together? I have to believe this is true. Because although my cheeks were a little pink with embarrassment, my eyes did well a little thinking about how appropriate it seemed. This isn’t a “Memento” movie post, where I start at the end and work my way back to start. This was just one of the moments over the past two months that has stuck with me and seemed to fit at the beginning.

So, yes, it’s been two months and after receiving some poking and prodding, I made some time to sit and update. Chris just commented this morning about how fast this year has gone by, and I have to agree – the thought that Christmas is just 6 months away makes me want to crawl into a hole and stop time. I’m having a blast, but at some point, you want today to just last another two weeks. Since last post, Chris and I went on mini-vacations… separately. I made my way to Brooklyn, NY to see my best friend Jana and Chris made his way in the opposite direction to… guess where…. Vegas. I had a girls trip with my friends Jana and Pauline and Chris had a guy’s trip with his friends from home. I am going to venture a guess that his might have been a little more wild than mine (he DID go skydiving – be sure to ask about the video), but I had the best time exploring NY. The Museum of Natural History was amazing, and we didn’t even get through the whole thing. Hair was incredible, but my small-town-girl-in-a-big-city-ness shown through when I gasped seeing the entire cast get bare naked. I had delicious bagels, swanky dinners and my share of drinks. I even saw Rachel Ray walk toward me in Chelsea Market!! My trip was made right then 🙂

As I said, Chris went to Vegas and went skydiving, among other things. I couldn’t believe he agreed to go, and of course, he loved it! The video is priceless – so hilarious to see how crazy he felt to jump out of a plane at 15,000 feet. Clubs, pools and casinos – sounds like a guys trip to me! Ask him to fill in the details 🙂

Of course, my birthday kicked off June and I had a some great treats! My parents came to visit me and my in-laws came into town so that we could all go to dinner at Cajun Queen in Charlotte. The food was phenomenal and the company was even better. On the day of my actual birthday, our BFF neighbors Terry and Veronica offered to take Chris and I and a couple friends on a twilight ride on their boat and a casual dinner at a local lake restaurant. I had the best time hanging out with friends and I even got a night with the hubby at The Melting Pot the next night 🙂 I had a little bit of everything I loved. It was perfect! OH and… we got new countertops… YAY!!!!

It’s possible you are wondering at this point where the Peace on Earth song comes in…. well every year my whole family comes home to my parents house for the fourth of July and to reunite. This year, we planned a big, but simple affair for my parents 40th Wedding Anniversary! They renewed their vows at their local parish and during the ceremony, the whole family (all 16 of us) were invited to the front to give them our blessing, and to end the mass, we all sang Let There Be Peace On Earth. While it might sound a bit Brady Bunch-ish, it really was quite endearing and we all got a bit choked up watching mom and dad walk out hand and hand. It was a beautiful and very meaningful ceremony. We were able to baptize the two new babies as well – both of which Chris and I were Godparents of – we couldn’t be any more honored! After the ceremony, we celebrated with a big party at Millrace Farm! I made the wedding cake, and although it was a kind of sad replica of the professional one that inspired mom to request it, I was rather proud at how it turned out. If nothing else, it was made with a whole lotta love.

The rest of the trip was wonderful too. Spent alot of time with my family and extended family, loved hanging out with the kids (yes, parents, we are preparing ourselves for our own…) and had a relaxing time that I wished could never end. But alas – here we are… home and back at work. There is always next summer to look forward to.


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  1. Had an awesome time with you! I think this is the most we’ve been seeing each other in years!

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