Playing Catch Up

Seriously, the smell of burning leaves, crisp air and pumpkin lattes create this chemical reaction in my brain that catapults me into a strict fall schedule of scary movies, pumpkin pie, hot cocoa, decorating, gift buying and a strong sense of family. It’s nonstop and its fun, but its also a sneaky ball of stress that hides until January 3rd. I heart this season.

We had a blast at our family reunion this summer (I fully acknowledge that it’s been too long since I last posted). But the Turf Toes Fantasy Football Draft Party really kicks off my favorite season. As usual, we had a fantastic time with all of our friends and it just seems to be getting better every year. It’s interesting to watch your friends and your get togethers change and grow every year. Of course, this party also effectively begins a four month husband coma with a cocktail of Hockey, Football, SportsCenter and having to ask every question three times before I get Chris’ attention. I like to believe it all comes back to me in rewards later in the year….

We also went to our first Appalachian football game in October. It was so much fun, although two things are regrettable – the loss to McNeese State and the amount of adult beverages I consumed at tailgate. Have some great pictures though!

Lauriann and her girls blessed us with her yearly fall trip and I enjoyed two great weekends hanging out with them. I just can’t get enough, so Chris and I are headed out to Tucson, AZ in December. But while she was in our neck of the woods, Lauriann’s friend Nikki Puckett took some amazing pictures of the three of them! Its fun to watch all of my nieces and nephews grow up. Tear……. For more of Nikki’s great photography, check her out here and here.

At this point, it’s full steam ahead into Thanksgiving and Christmas, the most heartwarming times of my year. Chris and I are so looking forward to hosting 90% of the family here in Charlotte for Thanksgiving and celebrating Christmas every which way but loose. Between the upcoming holidays and the trip to Arizona, I am sure when I post again in three months, I will have some great pictures to share 😉


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