Does anyone hear that screeching sound?

Oh, that must be the sound of our blog heading straight for the ground. Don’t worry, I am catching it right before it explodes in a fiery death. So, I know I am lousy at keeping people up to date. But it’s been a rough 6 months. I haven’t had a job and our lives have been pretty non-existent. So there hasn’t been much upbeat to write about. BUT, given the winds of change are upon us – I figure now would be a good time to get back on the saddle and slap that horse in the ass (pardon my french). 


So here we are… July, and I am finally starting a new job! I have taken a position as the NC Ad Coordinator for Weddings Unveiled Magazine. Woo Hoo!! This has been my first week and so far, its been awesome. I am super excited. I get to stay at home, make phone calls and work on my fancy laptop. Things seem to be picking up speed and it feels great. 

Chris and I went to Vegas to celebrate our anniversary. Are you totally and completely shocked?? C’mon, be honest… I didn’t think so. With a Vegas nut for a husband, I wouldn’t expect anything less. Chris planned the whole trip, down to a surprise couples’ message at the hotel spa. Aaaaah. It was fantastic, and chris loved it too! We had the best time in Vegas and I am so lucky to have Chris put so much thought into the trip. We were able to see two Vegas shows, front and center and eat at some of our favorite restaurants. We had a great time and 5 days to think about why we got married and why we still love each other. I didn’t have to think that much, but maybe chris did 😉 I am pretty sure we have another trip on tap within 6 months.

May was more of the same, me looking for jobs, with not much success. However, June came around and with that, my 26th birthday. I got to celebrate in style at Carrie and Keaton’s wedding with Jana. The weekend was beautiful and a ton of fun. P.S. For those of you who have not made their way to Jana’s blog – you are sorely missing out. It is awesome and you all need to check it out. It’s clever, funny and very delicious. But that is enough advertising… after interviewing and waiting, interviewing and waiting for two jobs – I was offered a position with Weddings Unveiled, after one week! It was great and Chris and I breathed a sigh of relief. Actually, it might have been the first time Chris breathed in 4 months. 

Of course, as we do every year, Chris and I spent July 4th with the entire family at mom and dad’s place in the mountains. Seeing all the kids and everyone together always warms my heart and reminds me that no matter what state my life is in, it will always be the best when I am with my family. I came from something stronger than myself. They aren’t all the most adjusted, they aren’t all know-it-alls, they aren’t even all the easiest to deal with all the time. But they are all mine and they are wonderful. And back off, because everyone of my nieces and nephews are the cutest humans ever born. Sorry, that is just how it is. 

I know its not the coolest update, but it will get us on our way. I hope everyone is doing fantastically. We miss you, we love you and we are blogging again.



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New Year’s Resolution 1: Blog

Yes, we realize its been nearly three months since we have been on the blog scene, but what can I say? Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years… all runs together as if it’s been one month. My apologies for being MIA.

Obviously, it hasn’t been just one month – so we have had a lot going on. Thanksgiving with the fam was a hit – we had nearly everyone at the house. Yikes! I didn’t know my house could accommodate that many people, let alone a rowdy Cotter Family. But we had a blast between shopping, eating and a little treat of break dancing. Michael is quite the little ‘Soulja Boy’. 

The annual Ashley Holiday party with our friends was a hit too. We all ate way too much and had a lazy, fantastic time. Although, I must say… eating too much can put a damper on the party skills. Note for next year: light snacks.

Christmas was a fantastic break – both Chris and I had off for about 10 days, half of which was spent traveling. We exchanged some wonderful presents, spent some great quality time with family and even had time to unwind on our own.

New Years. Keywords: Low Key. We rung in the New Year with a nice dinner in the city and some champagne at home. It was a nice first New Years Eve as a married couple.  And on to a new year.

 So here we are three weeks in and already it’s been pretty busy. Chris’ birthday was this month and he has a brand new Dart board to add to his man cave, along with some pretty nice new Hockey equipment. Can’t get much more spoiled than having your birthday 20 days after Christmas. I also moved offices with my work and we are now right behind Charlotte’s Panther stadium – game days, here we come… Getting settled and back into the swing of things, although I still pray for snow days 🙂

As my post title suggests, I do have a few New Year’s resolutions – one of which is to be better at keeping in touch with family and friends. Chris and I are notorious for being out of touch. Please make a note to self – this doesn’t mean we aren’t thinking of you or don’t care – I can think of someone continuously for three days and STILL not remember to call. SO… working on it, working on it.

Hope all is well! We send out our love!!

P.S. I will be posting some pictures as soon as I can!! 


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That’s Another Appalachian…. FIRST DOWN!

Remember when homecoming included getting your nails and hair done, buying a dress and getting corsages? Remember when it was all about who you were going to ask and where the after party was?  My how times change.

College homecomings… make that ALUMNI homecomings are all about nostalgia. That is of course the true meaning of “Homecoming” is it not? Coming back to a place that you once called home. Revisiting old haunts, old residences, old memories. Remembering what it was like to be in that place, at that time. It really is a sentimental experience, when you call “time out” to recognize it.

Chris and I joined several of our friends for Appalachian Homecoming in Boone the first weekend in October. We rented a cabin, just like the good old DZ days. We tailgated with old friends and a sea of new faces. We had lots of beverages, attempted to eat at EVERY favorite place in Boone. We watched Gardner Webb hand over the game to App State. We even got to see YOSEF ride onto the field on a Harley.

But in the midst of all the old, was a distinct air of new. The crowd was insane – the most people our tiny stadium has ever seen. We watched the game from the visitor’s side (heckle, heckle).  Tailgators were crowding every inch of campus – tents, music, BBQ’s. A DJ at Duck Pond Tailgate. The new bookstore is “bigger than the Blue Bananana” (anyone? anyone?). Two stories of bookstore goodness – I thought I was at UGA.  Where did all of this come from?? We felt like we were visiting a BCS school. Ok… that may be a little much. But it was not the same lil’ mountain university. Good? yes. Bad? yes. 

Despite the intent to party our Alumni hearts out – I still managed to retain the reminiscence I knew would hit me when that Boone air hit my face.  If you could do it all over again, would you? Yes. If you could change anything, would you? Here and there. Would you ever choose a different school? Never. Pangs of desire to be in college again were periodic throughout the weekend. Flash backs of moments in time were present during our walk through campus. I even wished I could wear the newly purchased sweatshirt to class on a cold fall day in Boone. Class! I wished to be walking to class. Strange, the hold homecoming can have over you.

Still, going back older, wiser… a little more financially stable, presents a whole new set of memories to create. Friends you made while you were there are enjoying it with you all over again with a different perspective. It is such a great opportunity to collectively appreciate the institution you called a home away from home. Even if it did mean you had to attend class every once and a while.



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Behind every good fantasy team, there is a fantasy wife…

August comes in like a lion and out like a lamb? No, that is March. There needs to be a reference like that for August. In the calendar year, I am not sure there is a worse month than August. I mean, we had a lot going on, my best friend’s b-day is in August – but in general… August is useless to me. HOT, nasty, and hot… no holidays, schools starts. Blech.


This is why Chris and I have created an occasion to put August on the map. That is right – we have taken it upon ourselves to help August make a comeback. Unlike Britney Spears, I think THIS comeback strategy is working. The second annual – yes, SECOND annual Turf Toes Fantasy Football League Draft Party took place in this month at the Ashley House in Cornelius. Ten “teams” (think about 18 people) gathered ’round the old draft board (and keg) to pick their dream team for the 2007 football season.

Ah football season… crisp weather, hot chilli, tailgates – and one missing husband. Wait, where did Chris go on the weekends? Has anyone seen Chris?

Anyway, seriously, this was one of the best parts of our August. alright – only part. Great friends, good food, beer and football all day long. We even managed to get the “fantasy” footballers outside to play some actual football.  I would be lying if I said there wasn’t a casualty or two; gets harder to party like you are in college as you get older, go figure. Needless to say, we had a great time and can’t wait to do it again next year.

 In other news, I took a surprise visit to Tucson to visit my sister, Lauriann. During the short, but very sweet trip, we were able to spend some quality sister time we hadn’t gotten in a while.  It was a well worth the short notice. As always, I enjoyed seeing my ever-growing niece (tear), who had disturbingly taken to calling me by my full name – Anne Marie. “Come color with me, Anne Marie.” “Anne Marie, look at me.” You think I might not notice this, but I kinda miss the “Aunt” part. I am sure she will grow out of it… :/ 

Enjoying September so far, we already have alot of stuff ahead of us for the month of October. For those of you living under a rock – the two time NATIONAL CHAMPIONS of APPALACHIAN STATE took over ESPN after the history- making defeat of the Michigan Wolverines at the Big House. So, for the first weekend of October, we will be taking the ‘ol four wheel sleigh up to our old stomping grounds to see what all the fuss is about. It’s homecoming weekend and we will be going home.

 Hope everyone else’s August was just as fun as ours… after we forced the fun out. Keep up, we are moving fast. 

The Turf Toes Fantasy Football League


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What are Naples?

Asked my brilliant brother at the tender age of…. teenager, while playing a particularly challenging game of Trivial Pursuit. Too bad I was too young to realize how hysterical this question was at the time. Luckily, older and a little wiser, I was able to see exactly what Naples are this past weekend. Arriving at our “borrowed” quintessential beach house in Naples, Fla. (that means it’s a city Sean) – I see that Naples is a sleepy little beach town at 1 AM in the morning.  The house, fully equipped with a pool fit for celebrities and the token hot tub, felt like walking into a picture in Martha Stewart Living (Beach Edition). Needless to say, it was fantastic! By 2:20 AM I was nestled into the cozy bed – praying that the air conditioner would work overtime to play with the whirring fan AND the open windows… it was BLAZING.  By morning, the nice fan breeze and the welcoming sunshine peaking in the room brought back lazy memories of summers in Panama City with nothing to do but lay on the beach all day. Wow, I would sell my body just to have that amount of nothingness to do anymore. (i wouldn’t REALLY sell my body, mom)Since Pauline and I happened to both have gift certificates for a spa day, redeemable at any spa, we made an appointment at the Naples Club Spa. Anyone who knows me well knows that I dream about massages. In fact, I could be happy receiving a gift certificate for a massage for every holiday over the next 5 years (hint hint) 😉 So – the “Theraputic Energy Massage” ensues…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………I am stretched at every joint, baby-ed on every sore spot and deliberately smooshed on every muscle. It was wonderful. I would even say 50 minutes of bliss. After a soak in an herbal energy bath I was ready to hit the beach – and that we did. Several blistering sun rays and tropical drinks later we headed back to the house. After a great seafood dinner, the ones who made it out realized we were entirely too sundrenched to do anything but sleep. Sunday was more of the same, minus the massage, sadly. But great sun, great water and a great time.Regretfully, I boarded a purposefully late flight and headed to my connection in Atlanta. There, I met a curious man at a bar who claimed he was in town for a seminar. Luckily – turned out to be Pops! I had a nice little visit with Pops at the Atlanta airport during my 3 hour layover. By 1:30AM, I was climbing in to bed – despising the thought of 7AM and work….I did get a pretty nice burn though. mission accomplished.   The Naples Girls
Pauline, Me, Erin


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It’s Official, We are Among the Married

It seems to me that there are steps to becoming among the married, aside from, that is, getting married. One of them is making large purchases as a couple such as – furniture, a house, a car. Check, check, and check. Next is getting to know your neighbors and maybe having dinner with them at least once a week. Check.  If your lucky, they are awesome neighbors. Next, you might begin planning large get togethers at your house on several future occasions. Check.   And finally, you create a blog – so that all these new married people you mingle with can find out what is going on with you at all times. Because apparently, you become endlessly fascinating when you get married as well. Which is fabulous. I love being fascinating.

It is our first post – so I will keep it fairly simple. WE JUST GOT MARRIED!! Yay! April 28th was the day, and if you weren’t there, you either missed one hell of a party, or we just didn’t invite you. We were ridiculously lucky in having two extremely talented and amazing photographers capture our day. If they weren’t friends of our family, you might think they were a photographer to the stars. If you haven’t seen pics and you want to – just let us know and we can point you in the right direction. Every part of that day is a part I will remember and savor. It was the best day of my life, and I am assuming Chris’ as well…..

We honeymooned in Aruba, which has the biggest freakin’ lizards you have ever seen – just walking around every part of the island, including the pool. I am surprised I didn’t see one lap me in the pool. It was beautiful, romantic and a blast! You can bet we were at the gambling tables nearly every night. Get it? Bet?…ugh. Must be another product of being married. Bad jokes.

The house is great, work is…. work. Chris is in Anaheim, CA  for the week preparing for a new product launch with his company, Astra Zeneca. Let me tell you, he is THRILLED.  I am planning a trip to Naples, Florida for my best friend Pauline’s 25th birthday weekend. Yes, the big 2-5 – does it get any better? I will be taking a very short, but very sweet trip August 3 – 5 and looking very much forward to what will most likely be my last overdose of sun for the summer. So if you plan to see me after, plan to see me ROASTED!

I can’t wait.

Hope you all are doing well and let’s see how married people keep up with blogs. This will be interesting.



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